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Picture this: it's park day, and your little one is ready to GO GO GO. They’re already at the door, shoes on, stomping in excitement. But you didn’t need to help them get ready—they pulled on their kicks all by themselves. The Jordan 23/7 was created just for kids, with features like a bigger opening for wiggly feet and extra-large pulls on the collar and heel. Kids get more control of their shoes, their comfort, and (most importantly) their fun—no grownups necessary.

Get Going
The 23/7 wont slow kids down. Collar and heel pulls and a large foot opening make on-and-off a breeze. A unique heel design guides feet easily and quickly into place—which is important, because there's lots of running and jumping that can't wait.
Support for All Play
The upper is made of 2-way stretch textile with a grid texture for sturdy (but not rigid) support. Rubber on the heel and wrapped over the toe adds durability for long days of sprinting and sliding.
Just For Kids
No grownups allowed! This pair of kicks is only available for the youngest members of the Jordan family. Why? Because kids deserve shoes that meet them where they're at.
Adjustable strap lets kids easily get the perfect fit.
Mudguard overlays the upper for added support.
Soft, cushioned midsole gives your little one comfort and support.

More Details
  • Jumpman logo on strap and heel pull

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