Step into the Freak 5 and discover a whole new way to play the game—and a new joke to share with your friends. Inspired by Giannis' love for cracking jokes, we're sharing our favorite on the tongue of these sneakers. Flexibility in the forefoot (where you jump and pivot from) helps you cut, carve and cross up your friends on the court and playground. Plus, an oversized pull tab on the heel and traditional laces make them easy to get on and laced when it's time to step up your game.

Footwork Frenzy
The difference between this Freak 5 and the adult version? We swapped the Air Zoom unit in the forefoot for the flexibility your feet need. Plus, flex grooves underfoot help you take your cuts, footwork and (most importantly) game to the next level.

All-Game Comfort
Our responsive Cushlon foam midsole adds a soft, comfortable sensation to help keep you moving and energized all-game long.

Stay Contained
When you're as big as Giannis, you need a freak of a shoe to match. We took special care to create a fit that holds the foot in place, limiting movement, so you and your game feel supported without feeling constricted.

Stick and Cut
Stop when you want to and move in the direction you need. Smear traction in the heel helps you stick to the ground for a microsecond while directional traction helps you make quick cuts to leave defenders wondering where you went.

More Details

  • Classic laces
  • Giannis logo mesh uppers
  • "34" stitching on toe
SIZE: 3.5Y

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