Nike G.T. Cut 3 EP
Basketball Shoes
How can you separate your game when it’s winning time? Start by lacing up in the G.T. Cut 3. Designed to help you create space for stepback jumpers and backdoor cuts, its sticky multicourt traction helps you stop on a dime and shift gears at will. And when you're making all those game-changing plays, the newly added, ultra-responsive ZoomX foam helps keep you fresh for four quarters. With its extra-durable rubber outsole, this version gives you traction for outdoor courts.

Traction: Super High
The more traction you have underfoot, the more separation you can create from your opponent. It can help you stop on a dime and shift gears at will. Giving you stop-and-go traction from heel to toe, the pattern on the G.T. Cut 3 is ideal for lateral cuts and quick changes in movement.
Responsiveness: Super High
The more responsive the shoe, the more energy return you can get back with each cut, pivot and move to the hoop. Responsive shoes help give you more spring in your step so you can feel fast for four quarters. Full-length ZoomX foam adds more bounce into every step without overloading it with ounces, so you can run the floor or race from side to side when the action ramps up.
Cushioning: High
The more cushioning that you have underfoot, the more comfortable your game can be. Cushioning helps soften impact as your feet hit the ground. We paired the ZoomX foam with a foam midsole to help you stay fresh for 4 quarters.
What's New About the G.T. Cut 3?
For the first time in our Basketball history, we implemented full-length ZoomX foam that delivers Nike’s highest energy return. A smaller plastic plate on the pinky-toe side of the forefoot helps keep your foot stable when making sudden movements.
Secure Feel
Flywire cables integrate with the laces to help secure your forefoot.
Stretchy, breathable material up top is super lightweight and helps keep you cool.
Padded collar at the Achilles helps your ankle feel comfortable, yet secure.
SIZE: 10
SIZE: 10

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