With supportive cushioning built for a smooth run, the Infinity RN 4 helps you hit the ground running. Made with soft, comfortable Nike ReactX foam and updated with Nike Running's best-fitting Flyknit yet, this road runner helps you take off anytime, anywhere. It’s the kind of shoe that can grant you that priceless peace of mind to go faster and farther, thanks to high-rise foam stacks and an intuitive design that supports every stride.

Support for the Planet
ReactX foam reduces the carbon footprint of the midsole by at least 43% compared to prior Nike React foam, so it helps support the planet too.

Cushioning: Super High
The more cushioning that you have underfoot, the softer and more comfortable your running experience can be. Cushioning helps soften impact as your feet hit the ground. ReactX foam gives you an incredibly smooth feeling, helping you push your limits.

Support: High
The more supportive the shoe, the more stability it can give to your natural stride. A combination of tuned support and intentionally placed cushioning helps you feel secure with every step. A curved outsole helps your foot rock smoothly from heel to toe and through your stride to footstrike. It makes every step feel more natural and adds efficiency to your run, helping you waste less energy as you hit your stride. A new internal Flyknit fit band (like a rubber band around the middle of your foot) offers elastic, secure support.

Responsiveness: Moderate
The more responsive the shoe, the more energy return you can get back with each step. Whether you want to run a little bit faster or with a little less effort, responsive shoes help give you slightly more spring in your step to get more out of your run. ReactX foam gives you +13% energy return compared to React foam, helping you stay fresh and bouncy during your run.

Contained Breathability
A water-repellent liner in the toe helps keep you dry when the weather turns.

What's New About the Infinity 4?
ReactX foam gives you an incredibly smooth feeling. Updated Flyknit gives you a stable, secure feel. More room in the toe box adds comfort.
Waffle outsole provides durable traction.
Flyknit tongue is adjustable and plush.
Foam collar is soft and supportive to the touch.
Increased rubber at the outsole gives traction and durability.


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