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The quad-burning box jumps that bring your “why” into focus. The sweat-soaked super-sets that leave you grabbing your tights. This is what you live for: the struggle, the moment of truth, the breakthrough, the transformation. Designed for quick bursts of force, heart-thumping tempo changes and fast-paced workouts, this trainer helps push you to fresh HIIT heights.

Made with Nike Grind
See the speckles on the outsole? That means it has at least 13% Nike Grind material, made from scraps from the footwear manufacturing process.?
Throwback Themed
This flashy design, a soundwave-themed graphic that nods to a nostalgic era in music, will help you reset and get in the zone as your favorite anthem powers you to fresh gains.
Bounce Right Back
Every time you land on your forefoot, 2 powerful Zoom Air units absorb your energy and send it right back—launching you into your next step or jump. A full-length plate distributes the energy, helping balance your foot.
Side-to-Side Support
The large arc on the side acts as a brace for your foot when you’re cutting hard from side to side. The mesh ribbing up top—stitched in with a more secure feel on this version—helps keep your foot snug during moves like lateral bounds and side lunges.
Lightweight, Multi-Directional Support
The sleek, integrated mesh creates zones of lightweight support and breathability just where you need it most. A new frame and engineered mesh (stronger and more flexible than regular mesh) combine to create more forefoot volume to keep it comfortable for a wide range of foot types.
Ease of Entry
An improved fit includes a fully adjustable tongue that lets you step in, cinch down and pour everything you've got into your workout. The tongue combined with the comfort collar makes for easy on and off.
Open mesh lining lets air flow to help keep your foot cool.
Split sole promotes more forefoot flexibility for movements like burpees and planks.

SIZE: 75

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