A balanced ride to help kickstart your run, the Winflo 11 can help you hit a rhythm that reels in the miles, meters and markers that matter. Fueled by full-length Nike Air cushioning, the Winflo 11 now sports a spacious forefoot, wider heel and even better breathability compared to the Winflo 10. It’s the sort of habit-forming fixation that’ll help get you in the groove, look good on the road with easy-to-style colors, and go back the next day for even more.

What's New About the Winflo 11?
We broadened the forefoot and heel width compared to the Winflo 10 for an updated standard of neutral stability on the road. We also added a smoother, softer lining inside and softened the tongue.

Responsiveness: Moderate
The more responsive the shoe, the more energy return you can get back with each step. The speed comes from a full-length Nike Air unit. It provides a soft, yet responsive ride with plenty of helpful support.

Cushioning: Moderate
The more cushioning that you have underfoot, the softer and more comfortable your running experience can be as your feet hit the ground. Soft, springy foam offers you the right amount of pop for road runs.

Support: Neutral
The more supportive the shoe, the more stability it can give to your natural stride. A combination of tuned support and intentionally placed cushioning helps you feel secure with every step. Neutral support gives you balance, whether you're a heel or forefoot striker. It's good for long and short runs too, providing a smooth transition from heel to toe.

Accommodating Fit
Single-layered mesh in the upper gives you an accommodating fit and comfortable feel. The build and midfoot band you loved on the Winflo 10 still gently hugs your foot, but we added smoother, softer lining inside the shoe and softened the tongue padding too.

More Details

  • Reflective details
  • Not intended for use as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
SIZE: 6.5
SIZE: 6.5

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